Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meme mememeeeee....

01. Eyeliner or Mascara? Both usually. If not mascara, at least eye liner. Brown, not black, because I rub under my eyes a lot and don't really need the literal raccoon look.

02.Louis vuttion or dooney & burke? Suck my what now..?

03.American eagle or hollister? *cringe* neither... AE, I guess, if I have to pick, although I guess I don't know the difference... Is there a difference? I'm confused. It all looks the same.

04.Pumps or flats? I REALLY like heals. A lot. (Not that I wear them.) Flats make my feet look like chubby little piggies. Not in a cute way. In a Silence of the Lambs way. Being a Bohunk sucks sometimes.

05. Skirts or pants? Jeans. My ass, she does not like the skirts.

06.Socks or leggings? Socks, but leggings are cute if they're patterned or whatever. (Not that I've ever worn them.) I'm just sayin.

07. Hoodies or jackets? I have like, 36 hoodies. Seriously. It's a sickness. And if loving them is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

08. Heels or sneakers? I don't have sneakers. I have boots. Big, black boots. Or wool lined boots. Or calf-height boots. No sneakers, not really. I have climbing shoes- does that count? No? Then eat my ass.

09.Straight or curly hair? My hair's straight, but I like it curled. Apparently, it looks hot.

10. Hoop or dangling earrings? I really wish I could wear earrings. I think that might help make me more girly, and that's just SO IMPORTANT TO ME. But I can't... Unless I wear those big granny clip-on ones, which... no. Just, no. But also? HELL FUCKING YES.

11. Side bangs or one length? I rock the side bangs. That's right. I'm out and proud. Or maybe it's because my cow lick won't allow for the straight-across look. Nor would my giant forehead be pleased with it. Nor would YOU.

12.Gemma ward or adriana lima? I like waffles.

13.White or black? Black. I wish I could wear white, but I stain the hell out of it. I'm REALLY CLUMSY. Like, REALLY. So most of my clothing is black. I'd say 90% of it, no joke. Not because I'm depressed or anything -- I'm really not! And I don't think I'm cool (But who are we kidding?) I just can't be trusted with light colors for more than .58 seconds. They don't make bleach strong enough to undo the messes I make.

14. Victoria's secret or bath and body works? Vicky's! Yay! I love me some trashy, overpriced pantaloons! But I have this body wash from B&BW, and it's called "Need a Margarita?" and YES, YES I DO. But also? It smells AWESOME.

15.Smoothies or latte? Smoothies, only if they're made with real tea or yogurt and real fruit.

16. Diet or regular sodas? Neither these days. Ba humbug. Next thing you know, I won't be drinking liquor either. (HAHAHAHA! HAHA! OH, HAHAHA! HEEEE! That was funny, huh?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

17.Water or daiquiris? Water... I'm not much into froofy drinks. I bet they taste good, though. They sure look pretty, and they cost more than my whiskey, so they'd better taste like a koala just crapped a rainbow in your mouth, otherwise you're getting SCREWED, my friend.

18. Pearls or diamonds? Pearls, if I have to choose. I like pearls. And they come from alive things, which means there can always be more!

19. Vintage or boho? BOHO, BABY! Although if I manage to pull it off, it's a total accident. Also, vintage is cool. But not this recent shit -- the 80s are NOT VINTAGE, GD IT! Stop bringing them back! They're dead and rotten and they stink like corpse, so stop it! HATE THE 80s!

20.Marykate or Ashley Olsen? I don't really know the difference at all. Which one isn't anorexic? Wait... Why are you laughing?

21. Lindsay or Hilary? ...What? Like for office? Who are these people?

22.Ipod or cell phone? I have both but I like my cell phone. A lot. But if it was an iPhone I'd make babies with it. Somehow. Moral of the story: I'm a lady of loose virtue. Huzzah.

23. Friends or family? My friends ARE my family. So it's all the same to me.

24.Lip gloss or lip stick? Neither. Can't stand stuff on my lips. Not even chap stick.

25.Manicure or pedicures? Neither.

26. M.A.C or sephora? *cry* I don't know what you MEAN!

27.Tank tops or beaters? Tank tops. I'm a tomboy, not a lesbian.

28.Tiffany or Chanel? Neither.

29.Love or peace? BOTH.

30.Sunglasses or purses? Sunglasses.

X what you have:
[ X] an ipod/mp3.
[ ] a tiffany's bracelet or necklace.
[ ] a Louis vuttion purse.
[ X] a computer. (Kind of. If you can call it that. PILE OF SHIT.)
[ X] a cd player.
[ x] a stereo. (It's LOUD.)
[ ] a spice girl cd. (I used to...)
[ ] a cosmo girl magazine.or regular Cosmo (WTF for?)
[ X] a teddy bear.
[ ] a build a bear. (THOSE FUCKING THINGS ARE CREEPY!)
[ ] an American eagle purse.
[ ] hollister jeans.
[x ] a hot topic shirt. (I'm sure I do.)
[ X] a cell phone.
[ ] an aeropostale shirt. (Secret? I don't even know how to pronounce that.)
[ ] a big screen TV.
[ ] the mean girls dvd.
[ X] a TV in my room. (It doesn't work. I mean it does, but it's old, so it really doesn't because technology is a bitch.)
[ x] a big bed. (YAY!)
[ X] a brother or sister.
[ x] a diamond ring. (Somewhere. Ew.)
[x ] a pearl necklace. (I'm totally not going to be a perv here, YOU'RE WELCOME.)
[ ] a prom dress. (Never went.)
[ X] a book. (Literally HUNDREDS.)
[ X] a myspace
[ ] curious perfume. (Is that like, "Your perfume is curious. It smells of cabbage." or "CURIOUS brand perfume"? Because NO to both.)
[ ] g-unit sneakers.
[ X] a black shirt. (Again, HUNDREDS. I exaggerate here, but barely. See above.)
[ ] a clique (They prefer to be called "My Posse. BITCHES.")

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