Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well, shit.

Either I'm getting the flu, or I spoke too soon on that whole 'morning sickness' thing.

I feel... strange. Weak, shaky, dizzy, nauseous. None of them badly enough to feel TERRIBLE, but all of them enough to feel decidedly... less than perfect. And only once in a while. Maybe 30-60% of the time, not always.

I've told people that I would gladly be sick every day for the rest of my life, just so long as this baby is born healthy. And I mean that with everything inside of me.

However. I think I may have been slightly hasty, because, see... I fucking HATE being sick. Like, a lot. You could probably light me on fire and kick me down a dry well, and I feel pretty safe in saying that I wouldn't hate THAT as much as I hate being sick.

So... It starts, I guess. This is it, starting.

I'm actually kind of (read: really) excited... Most of the time I don't feel any differently. So I like that I'm starting to feel SOMETHING, at least. Even if it is sick. It's something to tell me that I'm changing, that there's actually someone in there.

I just want my baby to be okay. I'll be sick, if that's what it means. I don't care. (...says the girl that's only experiencing a comparitive hint of nausea at this point, some weakness, forgetfulness, moodiness. Wait until this freak show swings into high gear. Pretty sure the tune will be different then.)

It's starting.

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