Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Even if I wasn't pregnant, I'm pretty sure the mixed smell of egg rolls, pizza and Frito's would make me fucking sick.

Yeah. Pretty sure.

It smells like a mall food court in here. In the 80's. (I don't know why the 80's. Because they're the most offensive time period I can think of right now, I guess.)

Just so we all have an accurate assignment of blame for this stinktastrophe:

The Boy made egg rolls for dinner.
I had pizza 4 hours ago.
My socks smell like chili cheese Frito's. (Stop looking at me like that. I said my socks, not my feet.)

Add to the stink swirling all around my nose space the fact that I'm so tired I'm honestly having a problem keeping my eyes open. The Boy mentioned earlier that I was typing to him, therefore he must be keeping me awake, huzzah! I then reminded him that I'm pretty sure I could still type circles around him in my sleep. Un-huzzah!

I would give the big toe on my left foot to be able to sleep for like, 12 hours. That would rock. I would be eternally grateful for that... To whom it may concern, or whatever.

And I just bet that if I were asleep, I wouldn't feel like I'm forgetting something (Super fucking power bangs and my Trapper Keeper) or like the cloying stench is going to crawl down my throat, become solid and CHOKE ME.

Edited to add: Dude, I just re-read this post right now, a couple of days later, and that bit about the power bangs and Trapper Keeper? I have no fucking idea what I was talking about. I TOLD you I was tired. Apparently, I babble like my booze besotted Aunt Beulah when I'm over exhausted. Bygones.

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