Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What the fuck.

I can't even think of what to call this post. All I know is that it will not be eloquent. It will not be pretty - not that any of them are. I am just so goddamned angry. (Oh. Yeah. There's going to be more profanity than usual. This is your warning. There are also very strong opinions, and I'm sorry if you don't agree with them. Please, please know that I am absolutely consumed by anger right now, and that whatever your opinion on this issue is, I respect it. No matter how many times I tell you to go fuck yourself with it.)

Today, the California Supreme Court ruled to uphold Proposition 8.

I am furious. Dumbfounded. Confused. So, so disappointed. But most of all? There is rage.

I think the rage comes not only from the absolute disbelief that the system could do this to anyone, that they could uphold something that is ENTIRELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but also it is born of my fear for my unborn child. How in the hell are we supposed to protect our children from bigotry and hate when it's being woven into our JUSTICE SYSTEM? How can this have happened?

Fuck you, California. Fuck you and your inability to seperate Church and State. Fuck you and the right you think you have to tell an enormous chunk of your population that they don't deserve love, or happiness, or families, or the benefits that they would collect if they could only manage to be straight. Fuck you for boning it up when the entire country was looking to you to set an example, to pave the way. As I said earlier, commenting on a blog I read and love: For a state that is supposed to be full of liberals and hippies, you don't seem to understand that it is not RECYCLING to shred the CONSTITUTION.

You know, I have a question: WHAT THE FUCK HARM ARE THEY DOING? Huh? Seriously! HOW COULD IT HAVE HURT ANYONE to say, "You know what, this is wrong. It's wrong to seperate people this way. It's wrong to tell people that because we don't all approve of what they're doing, they aren't going to be allowed to do it in the way they deserve to because WE ARE BIGGER and THERE ARE MORE OF US. It's wrong to do this to people, to hurt them this way, to tear apart families and make legal decisions based on our religious beliefs. THIS IS WRONG and WE WILL NOT DO IT."

How FUCKING HARD would that have been?! Who is anyone hurting by being gay? Who gives a shit who another person loves? Who has it EVER HURT to LOVE SOMEONE? The more love in the world, the better. Who could it hurt? How could there be a LAW passed to prevent people from being together in the way that we are all entitled to be, regardless of the reasons?

Listen, for god's sake... I'm straight. I'm a straight, unmarried, knocked up, skinny little white girl that lives in the midwest. I've never known adversity because of my belief system, my sexual preference or the way that I look. Members of my family certainly have, my friends certainly have, and it's certainly possible that my child may someday. But I can PROMISE you that if you came to me and told me that my rights were going to be taken away LEGALLY, or the rights of my family members, or my friends, or my child?

I would motherfucking kill you.

I would. I really would. Because for some reason, it's one thing to simply quietly deny people something, to pretend that basic human rights don't exist for some because of a skewed goddamned sense of right and wrong, to leave the possibility open that because it's unconstitutional to deny people something that SOMEDAY they will be able to HAVE IT. Then it's ENTIRELY ANOTHER THING to PASS A LAW DENYING THOSE RIGHTS. You know? One is terrible and bad and awful, the other is like BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE wrong. The level of WRONG is astounding! I cannot wrap my mind around it! How dare they do this? How dare they pass a LAW denying people their rights?! This is the single most outlandish, terrible, blatantly hateful thing I've ever heard of. You don't have to agree with homosexuality, but not agreeing with something is not a LEGAL REASON to decide anything!

JESUS, you guys! Just... we all deserve happiness. We all deserve equality. Everyone deserves to spring from the same board, have an equal and fair chance to go whatever distance they can make it to, uninhibited by hate and fear and this terrible sense of a class system where WE'RE better and THEY'RE worse because MY GOD SAYS SO and there are LAWS TO KEEP IT THAT WAY.

Fuck this shit. Especially fuck the people that are hiding behind their giant puppets of what they think their god is: some hateful, discriminatory giant full of anger and judgement. Shame on them for using anyone's faith to get them to hurt. GOD IS NOT HURT. There is NO PAIN in god. Not mine, anyway, and I look forward to the day MY god kicks the shit out of that puppet god in some sort of Vulcan fucking death match and we can all be the better for it, able to love and live and be happy. Shame on these people, twisting the word of god (ANY GOD!) into something hurtful, something cruel.

We do not DO this. We do not pass laws to hurt people. We do not use the LEGAL SYSTEM, which only exists to protect people, TO HURT.

I know that 48% of voters were against this. But man... What the hell happened to the rest of them?

This cannot stand. Jesus Christ, tell me it will not stand...


  1. I'm still chewin' on this. Calm down, the real test is what happens with the folks that already got married.

    I hate most of all how badly this shit hurts folks feelings whether they are gay or not.

  2. I'm good. Chewing away, as well. Was just away for a while. Back now. Calmer now.